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  • Update date: 02 May 2020
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Cross-platform use

MyHeritage - Family tree is an online platform with more than 9 billion historical records, where people can design family trees, browse through photos, and make interesting discoveries about their relatives. The app supports more than 40 different languages and has 92 million users worldwide. You can download MyHeritage - Family tree on your mobile phone, PC, or just visit a site. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Functionality 4/5

The main app's purpose is to allow everyone to make exciting discoveries about his ancestors. According to this, you can:

  • Upload family photos;
  • Create your family tree;
  • Add and browse through millions of photos, names, and facts;
  • Explore historical records uploaded by other users;
  • Store the information in the cloud and keep it private;
  • Sync across devices.

MyHeritage latest version uses several matching technologies, which will help you to find the relatives faster. They include Smart Matching, Record Matching, Record Detective, Instant Discoveries, Global Name Translation, and Search Connect. All together, technologies link related family trees, records, documents and compare with the information from other users. Also, MyHeritage apk can search through the historical records relative's name in different languages.

Design 5/5

The app uses calm colors like white and grey. The necessary buttons are highlighted by the colorful boards (green, pink, orange, etc.) The app has large icons inside the program, so, it is easy to navigate and search for important information. After making a MyHeritage - Family tree review, it is obvious that the program is completely hassle-free, so, users can quickly add photos, documents, and other information about your family, including even DNA results.

Usability 4/5

This app has good and intuitively understandable UX and UI. The interface is clean, well-designed, and appealing. There are a lot of chart options which help you to keep track of your relatives and ancestors. This feature is called Family statistics. Moreover, you can switch to the Map option and see a customized map with highlighted areas where your relatives lived in.

The app can automatically sync across devices, so it facilitates the process of changing the information. Also, you can not worry about important dates. The program allows you to see upcoming events, such as birthdays for people in your tree. The search results are well-structured, even if there are a lot of results. Commonly, every user has an avatar and several additional photos. The buttons are big and noticeable, and the font is simple, dark and readable. All these elements are placed on the light background. Nevertheless, uploading photos, DNA, and historical records are much easier in the desktop version compared to MyHeritage iOS or MyHeritage Android.

Cross-platform use 5/5

The program exists in the spheres of mobile, downloadable software, or web. MyHeritage - Family tree download is for all platforms, but the access to additional services are required purchasing. The app is fully synchronized across different devices, so you can download it on the mobile phone or install on the PC. Also, if you upload a photo or edit the personal information on the computer, for example, the same information will change on your account on the mobile phone, and vice versa.

In-app purchases

MyHeritage app works on a freemium business model. You can register, start building family trees, and make first matches for free. But if you want to see full document's versions, confirm relationships, contact other members - you need to buy a subscription. The Premium version (or SuperSearch feature) gives you full access to the base of 9 billion historical records, which include:

  • Users' personal information (birth, marriage, death, military, and immigration documents);
  • Historical newspapers;
  • Documents.

The Bottom Line

This app has good navigation, variety of available options, big and high-quality user base - all to help you find the relatives and discover more exciting stories about the family. The pricing policy is quite affordable. You can MyHeritage install for free, and buy a premium membership to get access to some additional features if you wish. The app has versions for mobile phones and computer with full synchronization across them.

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