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Cross-platform use

The app is not only a free but powerful converter of video content. It converts popular video formats like MOV, AVI and WMV to the format MP4 and vice versa. It also converts audio files in MP3 format. Besides that, this app contains an editor that helps you to improve videos in no time that will be revealed after you download Free MP4 Converter.

Functionality 5/5

With this free app, you can not only convert videos and audio of different formats into MP4 but also edit it with such progressive features as the trim length of the video, cut into clips, merge different files in one, add pictures and texts to the video. The last option suits perfectly to your own YouTube channel, social media stories or just personal blog. It crops area at the video that you don’t want to see there and allows adjusting effects like contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation.

Design 5/5

Its design is traditional, easy to get and compact. It is made in blue and white colors with a simple menu that is placed on the upper bar. It does not take much time to download it from the official Mac store and install it. There is a detailed instruction, but actually all the icons reflect its functions. The preview screen will appear in the right corner, allowing you to see what you are doing in real-time.

Usability 4/5

The app is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is pick the file on your phone or tablet and click Add File in the menu. You can Add a Folder if you want to choose several videos. Now, select the format of the output in Profile and tap Settings to run audio and video codec for the output chosen file. With the slight tap on the icon Convert the process will begin.

You may speed up and pick several videos to be converted at the same time. It will save your time and help you to focus on its editing instead. There is an option to merge videos in one file. The Preview feature gives you chance to see how the result will look like. While you are previewing the video, there is an option that allows you to take screenshots.

Another option allows users to convert video into audio formats. You can use it if you need sounds and not pictures. And if you need pictures, just take screenshots as it was suggested above. While the app can convert videos into different formats it can’t upscale it to HD or 2D to 3D. Since it is not a magical app, it can’t enhance the quality of the video.

Cross-platform use 5/5

The app supports numerous devices. You can play videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Sony TV, LG, Samsung, Xbox, and other portable gadgets popular nowadays. For downloading the app you need to have OS X 10.7 or up. The 64-bit processor on Mac is required as well. The Free MP4 converter app produces formats that can be opened on other devices. You may share your videos with friends. All you need to do is to have fast Wi-Fi connection.

In-app purchases

As it is already mentioned in the name of the app, it is completely free. You can buy Mac device if you still don’t have one, which will allow you to use the converter. You may increase the speed of your Internet by paying more for the package. But the main thought, it is free. You are able to download the app from official Apple store. Avoid websites that offer you to pay for this converter.

The Bottom Line

As it may be already clear from this review, Free MP4 Converter is the real treasure for anyone who works with different video formats. Its editor helps to improve the video right during the working process and preview the results. There is a support of audio formats and images, after you download Free MP4 Converter for free. While it can’t improve the total quality of the video, the app can highlight its best sides. Take videos, share them with others.

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