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  • Update date: 23 Jul 2020
  • Size: 31.03M
  • Compatibility: 4.0 and up
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Cross-platform use

ClassDojo is an incredible app designed to foster better communication between students, teachers, and parents. It is an interactive student-friendly platform. Downloading ClassDojo is the answer to building a harmonious classroom community.

Functionality 4/5

This app brings efficiency in not only communicating but also helping teachers organize student activity. ClassDojo has a file sharing functionality: teachers can share educational and motivational content such as photos, videos and also send announcements conveniently. Parents can keep track of their children’s progress by viewing digital classwork portfolios added by the students. Communication between parents and teachers has been eased since they can instantly send messages to each other.

Design 4/5

Without question, ClassDojo has a neat interface that is user-friendly. Simple curves and geometry have been used to design buttons and other UI elements. Since the app caters to students, a lot of colorful and fun visuals have been implemented into design features. Students can choose their own cartoonish avatar, which engages them along with clear-cut and vibrant app pages. Teachers and parents will find the interface pleasant too.

Usability 4/5

ClassDojo is one of the most user-friendly applications for the classroom community out there. It’s all thanks to a great user interface which enables the users to explore features intuitively. Most functions are performed by simply touching buttons on the screen or swiping. One of the most appealing remarks in this ClassDojo review is that students, teachers, and parents enjoy simple usability as there are no unnecessary user inputs required. The instructional components used are direct and clear, ensuring that there is no confusion while using the app. Strong color and font contrast enhance the visibility and readability of UI components. This enables users to interact with various features easily. The personalization functionality fosters an excellent user experience as students can create their own digital portfolio. Communication, which is one of the main app aspects, is executed exceptionally between the three parties. Overall, the app nailed usability despite the challenge of satisfying the diverse needs of their target audience.

Cross-Platform Use 4/5

ClassDojo is available for use on iOS and Android devices. Your Android device should be running on OS version 4.4. or later. When it comes to iDevices, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can launch the app as long as it is running on iOS 10.0 and up. If your device does not meet the OS platform or version requirements, you can try accessing ClassDojo via a web browser.

In-App Purchases

All the features offered by ClassDojo are free and will stay that way. However, if you want an enhanced experience for your kids and yourself that continues at home, then you can go for the ClassDojo Beyond School at $7.99 a month (or an annual pass for $59.99). You have a one-week free trial to see if you like the extra features offered, such as points for encouraging positive behavior at home and a new monster creator.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to build a social and supportive classroom culture, then Downloading ClassDojo could be the answer. Moreover, parents can now participate more actively in the school life of their children, which in turn fosters a more understanding relationship between them. Communication is key, and this app excels at providing everything you need for it in an intuitive and enjoyable way.


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