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  • Update date: 08 Jun 2020
  • Size: 42M
  • Compatibility: 2.3.3 and up
  • Author: Originator Inc.Size
  • Content rating: Kidsafe
  • Package name: com.originatorkids.EndlessReader
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Cross-platform use

Endless Reader is a special reading trainer for small children. It allows you to teach your child new words in minigames. The app provides an explanation of difficult words with pictures and descriptive context. You can download Endless Reader for your iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices to start learning today.

Functionality 5/5

Endless Reader app presents hundreds of words with highly intelligible descriptions through pictures. Sentences provide additional context and emulate realistic word use. Your child can play with cards and experiment with various actions.

Design 5/5

The design of Endless Reader latest version was created with little children in mind. Their attention is very unstable, so developers did their best to reimburse interest with every new card. The charming toon monsters have all chances to become favorite characters of your child.

Usability 5/5

Endless Reader allows you to expand the active English vocabulary of your children in a game form. Word packs consist of colorful word cards that include little scenarios with adorable monsters. They can mimic objects, animals or plants, and play sketches. For example, to explain the main principle of x-ray radiation work, they show you how x-ray glasses allow seeing through the skin.

All letters and words are voiced. When you tap and hold a character or a word to place it, it starts pronouncing its name repeatedly. It’s a good way to memorize how words sound correctly. A professional reader also spells out all sentences to demonstrate literary pronunciation and proper emphasis. Simple games also allow children to learn word order and spatial thinking by experimenting with the placement of words.

Cross-platform use 4.5/5

You can install Endless Reader for such mobile platforms as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. A single account allows you to unlock word packs on several devices and synchronize progress. Unfortunately, there’s no web version to play on a computer.

In-app purchases

Endless Reader free version provides access only to a few demo exercises. The paid options include separate word packs, bundles of packs, and the full version of the course, which offers the lowest price per pack.

The Bottom Line

It’s is an excellent gamified vocabulary course for small children. It allows you to teach your child new words and phrases, understand their meaning, and use them in the correct context. Charming animated and voiced monsters turn the learning into a pleasant gaming experience. Hopefully, this Endless Reader review helped you to make a decision.

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