Lexia Reading Core5

Lexia Reading Core5 Free
  • Update date: 11 Jul 2020
  • Size: 835M
  • Compatibility: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Lexia LearningSize
  • Content rating: PEGI 3
  • Package name: air.com.lexialearning.core5
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Cross-platform use

Lexia Learning is a package that contains educational apps where students get to learn in modules following a personalized learning path. You can download Lexia Learning on Google Play and the App Store.

Functionality 4/5

Lexia Learning comprises Lexia Core5, Lexia PowerUp, Lexia Rapid and Lexia Strategies applications. Lexia Core5 is a reading app for students in grades pre-K5 designed to improve their reading abilities. Lexia PowerUp is an app that helps students in grade 6 and above to develop their reading proficiency. Lexia Rapid, on the other hand, is an assessment tool for learners of all abilities who are in grade 12 or upwards.

Design 3/5

The various applications under Lexia Learning have impressive designs as high-quality graphics have been used to create the interfaces. Cartoon images and illustrations have been used, and young students can relate to them, making learning fun. However, apps like Lexia Strategies are stripped down to bare necessities and don’t offer much flair. While they get the job done, you can’t call the visual experience aesthetic.

Usability 4/5

These applications are really simple to use, considering that some of them were designed for very young kids who just started attending school in pre-K. Students can instinctively navigate the app even as they access content that is relevant to their educational weaknesses and needs. It is worth mentioning in this Lexia Learning review that the applications do not demand a lot of tapping and typing things in; you only do that when it’s absolutely necessary. Students can easily interact with elements on the user interface by simply touching them, and this results in being taken to a new tab or performing an action. The simplicity of navigation is evident as students can access different features present in the applications without any struggles. This is all thanks to clear navigational components ideally placed in the interface. Large and clear fonts used to make it possible for students to read text with ease. Overall, the Lexia Learning app package does a great job of offering a convenient user experience.

Cross-Platform Use 3/5

Lexia Learning is available on the App Store and Google Play as far as mobile devices are concerned. However, you only get Lexia Reading Core5 and Lexia Strategies on Android, while iOS has myLexia, Lexia PowerUp and RAPID available as well. There are minimum OS version requirements for each platform, and these are Android 4.0 or later (although you can run Strategies even on 2.3) and iOS 6.0 (but most apps require 8.0 and up). Another caveat is that some apps are available for tablets only.

In-App Purchases

This educational app package does not have in-app purchases available in any app offered. Most apps in the education category have at least some form of monetization nowadays, and it’s entirely reasonable. However, apps under Lexia Learning do not require any subscription, any purchasable update or even any premium features. Students can use any of the featured functions in the apps without any limitation whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

Download Lexia Learning applications and help your child develop their reading skills and literacy level. The apps under Lexia Learning are valuable tools that help students achieve exceptional language proficiency without struggling as much compared to more traditional methods of learning. While more work could be done on the app presentation (a redesign of some apps is long overdue), the core functions offered are nothing to complain about.

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