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  • Update date: 24 Jun 2020
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
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Cross-platform use

Mango Languages is a personalized language learning application that provides over 70 language courses for English speakers. There are also special English courses adapted for 22 languages. Every course is divided into topics to let you prepare for specific occasions. You can download Mango Languages for your iOS and Android mobile devices.

Functionality 5/5

Mango Languages app allows you to learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, correct pronunciation, and cultural background though word cards, useful phrases, and texts with cultural insights. You can download every lesson separately to practice offline.

Design 5/5

Mango Languages latest version is a minimalistic app with clear interface and colourful interactive objects. Coloured translation algorithm matches words with their analogues to help you understand the structure of sentences and obtain words faster.

Usability 5/5

Test of random language courses for this Mango Languages review showed that all learning materials are thoroughly selected and relevant. In the beginning, you have to sign in and select your language by scrolling cards.

Once you signed in, you can start learning new words, phrases, and grammar. The listening section allows you to play words and phrases to memorize correct native pronunciation. You can press the mic button to repeat it yourself. Waveforms of your and native speaking will be displayed one under another for comparison. There’s also a simultaneous play mode for audial comparison.

Reading Activities include multiple types of basic dialogues, stories, etc. Both reading and listening sections have 2 main tabs. The first stands for obtaining new knowledge, while the second allows you to apply it without switching to other sections.

Cross-platform use 5/5

Mango Languages iOS and Android apps are available on App Store and Play Market. You can install them on smartphones and tablets. There’s also a web version that includes all language courses in an extended version with special features for organizations.

In-app purchases

Mango Languages free app provides limited access to courses allowing you to practice only essential knowledge. You can purchase full access for a month or a year. It’s much cheaper to buy a one-year subscription instead of paying for several months.

The Bottom Line

Mango Languages is an advanced multi-tongue course that is very useful for beginners. Rich listening and reading features allow you to learn and practice new language skills without the need to switch to other sources. This learning experience is very close to visiting a private tutor but costs several times cheaper.


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