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Cross-platform use

Diaries have been the best friends to too many people. And even if you feel quite okay, sometimes you still need some private space for your thoughts and feelings, emotional photos and videos, this entire specter for your eyes only. So download Day One and give it a go.

Functionality (5/5)

As a diary should, Day One allows you to record anything you think important about this day. Your feelings and thoughts, places and weather, the music and the movies that colored up the day, people you met and the time of the day you’re making your records at; it’s all well designed. All your records are stored in a list, locally and (if you’re on Premium) in a cloud. It may remind Evernote, and it’s similar, minding privacy.

Design (5/5)

No matter what Mac you use, it looks great and simple both on Retina displays and on those not so detailed. The most frequently used buttons are easily accessible. The log of your entries is available too, as well as built-in search system supporting hashtags. The colors set you calm. Last but not least: the app supports many languages, so no matter which you use to write, your characters will be displayed correctly.

Usability (5/5)

As you start your diary, you’re guided through a master that shows you how to create entries. First, you give it a name, and then you provide the content. It can be text, pictures, colors, tags within the text, your current activity and so on. Location and weather will be added automatically, if you enable this.

If you wish, you can add voice records and photos. They will be synced to your cloud, though the free account has its limitations. You can set daily reminders to open the diary if you tend to forget about it or don’t take journaling too seriously in the beginning.

As for text, you can write as much of it as you consider necessary. You can inject hashtags into it and use Markdown language for formatting. If someday you decide to make any of your entries public, you can chare it directly to social networks or copy and paste.

What probably bothers you the most is security. Well, feel like you’re in a confessional behind thick stone walls and even thicker confidentiality traditions. Your entries are all encrypted and protected by password (any by biometry if your Mac is equipped). So feel free to pour out what you keep inside.

Cross-platform use (4/5)

Albeit officially you can only download Day One for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, even Apple Watch), there are third-party apps for Windows (like Journaley or pyDayOne), though not as perfect as the original ones. There’s no web interface (like that of iCloud) either, so it’s a Mac’s Mac’s Mac’s world. It would be great to have entries automatically synced across all of your devices, but that’s what the next section is about.

In-app purchases

Though the app is basically free, its premium features (like syncing across all your Apple devices, unlimited cloud storage for photos, IFTT integration and 25% discount for printing books) are only available for those with pro subscription. It costs $2.99/month or $24.99/year. In fact, it can be used as your private cloud for any documents or media materials. If you want, you can try premium features for free.


Even if you have never been into journaling, just let Day One review it for you. This app will help you in writing the story of your life, picture yourself at any moment, and – maybe the most important – it will let you be yourself. This is the kind of confession and prayer that even atheists can practice, and it’s hard to overrate how these moments of honesty impact your life.

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