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Cross-platform use

Many of us have downloaded OneDrive by Microsoft as soon as we heard the news about Microsoft Office integration. It has a quite good pricing plan and can compete with other cloud storage giants: Dropbox and Google Drive. But is it convenient to use on Mac? Who will it suit most? Let’s find out!

Functionality 5/5

The set of OneDrive functions is pretty generous: besides keeping your files for easy access from all of your devices and one-click sharing opportunities, it offers a real-time office collaboration, it also works seamlessly in integration with other Microsoft products, such as OneNote and Skype. Skype is embedded into the program which makes it easier to reach for the app when you need to make a conference call and talk business about the documents you’re working on. All the stored files are easily browsed in Finder.

Design 4/5

The design is pretty simple but pleasant, and you will appreciate it more with time: everything is in its right place, and the clarity and minimalism work great together. The files are displayed in a list, but you can switch to the grid view if you like it more. Actions are placed in the top menu and can be used on both files and folders. Additional buttons are hotlinks to embedded apps: Mail CLient, Skype, OneNote and Office 365 pack. On the top left, you will find upload buttons.

Usability 4.5/5

Yes, any OneDrive review will tell you that Microsoft Office integration is the main issue here, and here’s why: all your documents are quickly and for the most part securely created, edited and shared through online Office app. The whole process is pretty similar to Google Docs and Google Drive, respectively. The main difference lies in the security and privacy options which are a bit more reliable in Microsoft than in Google thanks to several levels of encryption but still could use some data protection. The level of protection depends on your subscription.

OneDrive’s working speed is quite impressive, and file sharing is also user-friendly. Photos from all your devices are uploaded to storage automatically, and you can move files by just dragging them to the OneDrive dashboard or by clicking on them. The process of uploading folders is not as smooth though. File sharing is based on link generation, and you can add to the protection by setting passwords to your links.

Cross-Platform Use 5/5

OneDrive is available for all the leading platforms (Linux excluded) and works just as well in its desktop version as in mobile. iOS and Andriod app have an elegant design, and though it is not as convenient to use for work, you can always check your recent files on the go and see the changes made by other users. Upload and sharing options work great on every platform.

In-app Purchases 4/5

You can choose between four OneDrive offers: there’s a free offer with 5GB of storage space and free online use of Office. It works fine for a testing period but is much less attractive than 15GB offered by Google and the pros of other free storage clients. Then there’s a small price of $1.99 a month for 50 GB of space or an Office desktop version.

The offer is cheap but still not very convincing. Office 365 Personal plan seems like a good deal: you get Office Desktop version and 1000 GB for $6.99 per month. And there’s a business pack if you’ve chosen OneDrive as your main soft for work: Office 365 Home offers 5000GB storage and Office Home extension for $9.99 per month.


Probably one of the most consistent storage, Microsoft creation still misses on security and free options. Still, the collaboration qualities are just as good as those provided by Google, and the long-time fans of Office pack will be glad to work in comfortable conditions. The free package is not impressive but the paid Personal, and Home packages have a lot to offer for a moderate price.


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