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4.5of 5
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4.5of 5
4.5of 5
Cross-platform use

Newton is the app that is supercharged with useful features, including Recap, Send Later, Read Receipts, Undo Send, Connected Apps, and more. In a modern variety of options, it is hard to find an email app that will suit all your demands. And while downloading Newton can’t satisfy all people in the world, the app is really close to it.

Functionality 5/5

Newton is really packed with amazing features, great for any mail apps. The features are called superchargers that bring you more opportunities. Besides that, it offers push notifications in the emails of different inboxes. After the message arrives, you are the one who is notified first.

One of the gems of this app is that you can gather all your email accounts in one place, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and other popular services. This app supports IMAP and you can add your private accounts from there as well. The app offers signatures for every email accounts, a toolbar that is customizable, 2-step verification, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Design 5/5

For many of us, the design of the mail app is one of the most important things, especially if we use it constantly on various devices. With the Newton app, there is nothing to worry about. Its design is minimalistic, modern with a focus on the subject. It keeps the same design for desktop and mobile devices, so you don’t need to get accustomed to the app every time you change the device.

The content of the email is always in focus, no matter if you are working with threads, email list, compose, or reply. This helps a lot when you have to be multitasking and switch your attention faster than thoughts. There are no annoying buttons on the window.

Usability 5/5

The app was made for busy people who value their time and need to stay focus all the time, sending emails to others. The composition windows have To, Subject and Email in the input fields. But, BCC and CC fields will be revealed on demand, if you press the arrow button. Everything that can distract you from the letter is hidden behind icons but can be easily extracted with a tap.

As for the Superchargers, the app provides a number of great features that make correspondence easier:

  • Snooze helps to snooze email as the alarm in the morning. Choose the right time in Settings. After that Newton makes it disappear and brings it back after a while. You can do it from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  • Connected Apps are a perfect example of mail integration with other services. You may connect any service you like, and save files and email content to them. You can try Instapaper, Evernote, Todoist, Pocket, etc.
  • Sender Profile gives you extended information on the sender. It reveals the job title, profile, and Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. You can even see the location of the person.
  • Read Receipts may sound like an ordinary thing, but not many email services support this. Newton can tell you whether your letter was read so you would not worry about that. It shows a blue tick when the email is read.
  • Send Later allows you to be in charge of the time. If you need to postpone sending, just do it. All you have to do is specify the time in Newton.
  • Remind if not reply is an amazing feature. How often do we feel that something is missed? The app reminds us if the person did not reply to the letter.
  • Undo Send can save you. If you sent a personal letter to your co-workers that’s a disappointment. You can undo this, pulling the email from the inbox of the receiver.
  • Cross-platform use 5/5

Newton is proud of its cross-platform service. You can use all your accounts through this app after you log into them. No matter what email service you were using, you can connect it to Newton. It is available on Mac OS X 10.11 or up, 64-bit processor, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and even Android. It takes 22.4 MB of space on the device. All it needs is an Internet connection.

In-app purchases

Newton email service is free of charge on the period of 14-day trial. During this time you may check all the functions and understand whether you want to use the app or not. Don’t rush. And its premium subscription costs $49.99 annually.

The subscription is for one user only but can be implemented on different devices. There is no limit to the inboxes you can connect to this service.

The Bottom Line

Newton app is the lifesaver for modern world businessmen who have to take part in active correspondence with partners, clients, co-workers. While it pricey comparing to the free mail apps, some of you may find it worth paying. If you are willing to pay $50 per year to use Newton, this is the best option with amazing extended features, after you download Newton. If the money is a problem, try free of charge services or enjoy a 14-day trial.

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