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Cross-platform use

One of the most scandalous and yet popular messengers of the world is here. You can download Telegram to your Mac and enjoy most of its advantages.

Functionality (5/5)

First of all Telegram is for communicating with other users; free messaging, file exchange, and voice calling. Unlike its rivals like WhatsApp, Viber or Tango, Telegram doesn’t support video calls and hardly ever will. But as for voice calls, it offers the best quality, and chat options are maybe the richest. You can also run your own public channel and subscribe to others, as well as use powerful bots for different purposes, like downloading content, making polls, playing games, converting documents, translating words and sentences, and so on.

Design (5/5)

Though it’s designed with accordance to Mac guidelines, Telegram client looks like Telegram, keeping the style it follows across all the devices. The application doesn’t impress with its design, but it doesn’t have to. At the same time, all the chats are easy to open, find and participate, options aren’t hidden away, and notifications pop up in Notification Centre. So the design provides the best experience you can get with a messenger.

Usability (5/5)

Telegram for Mac looks like a regular messenger, with a contact list, a chat window, and settings. So, if you have ever used apps like this (from good old MSN and ICQ to WhatsApp), you will find it familiar.
To authorize, you’ll need to use the phone you bind your account to, or any device with already activated Telegram. As you enter your phone number, the service will send you the code you have to enter on your Mac.

Then you’ll be able to use this app in regular mode. When someone writes to you or to a channel you’re subscribed to, you’ll receive a notification (unless you have muted notifications for a certain user or channel).

Cross-platform use (5/5)

As all modern messengers (except for iMessage and FaceTime), Telegram is virtually ubiquitous. There are clients for OS X, Windows and Linux, for iOS and Android, for Apple, Samsung and Wear OS smartwatches, and even for exotic or abandoned systems like Symbian, BlackBerry OS, or Windows Phone. As the service stores your logs on its clouds, all your chats, and calls history is available across all your devices, no matter how different the platforms are.

In-app purchases

Telegram is considered to be free forever, with no ads and no subscription fees. But it still has some commercial potential. Many stores run their Telegram channels, and some banks have set up bots to make online payments possible within Telegram. So it would be more correct to speak of through-app purchases by third party providers and sellers.

The Bottom Line

So, as you download Telegram to your Mac, you can reduce your phone usage and communicate right from your workspace. If you use it for business, it’s great.


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