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Cross-platform use

If you need free and unlimited communication with anyone using Apple devices, just download Facetime. This service by Apple has become the default way of voice and video chatting across devices by this vendor.

Functionality (4/5)

Facetime is the primary voice and video chatting service launched by Apple for all its users, no matter what devices they prefer. Available by default on iPhone or iPad (and even Apple Watch), for Macs it’s rather an option, But if you communicate a lot, it saves time by answering or making calls right on your computer. All the features of mobile Facetime are now here, except for (inevitably) mobility.

Design (5/5)

As the app is made for seeing your vis-à-vis, screen elements hide away while talking. But you can activate them easily, so texts and stickers are available to insert into your broadcasting videos at any time. They can be swiped away just as easily. As for making calls or selecting contacts, it’s simple too due to integration with contact book and messaging service. Thanks to developers for saving our time.

Usability (5/5)

So, no matter what your contacts use, FaceTime provides great quality. The 720p maximum resolution may seem too low, but, in fact, it looks great even on Retina displays. Alas, Mac-to-Mac calls are limited by VGA, like in the 2000s. In reality, it’s not as terrible as it sounds;

As simple as it gets, Facetime requires only your Apple ID to get started. To start a conversation, you only need to enter the name or the number of someones you want to call. Your contact book is already integrated. The app features Recent and Favorites sections, so your most recent or most frequent contacts are just one click away.

Last but not least: Facetime has integrated augmented reality features. So you can try on various masks while talking, add stickers and text fragments to your conversation, and it’s not only for fun. Text can be used for anything, from spelling unknown words to sending numbers or emails you don’t want to be stored in your history. So, augmented reality is among essential features rather than bells and whistles.

Cross-platform use (3/5)

Being only made for Apple devices, Facetime is an impossible dream for those on Windows or Android. Yet it covers all mobiles, laptops, and desktops by this vendor, so if your contact has any of them, Facetime gets them covered well. Not bad for a service meant as an exclusive Apple offer. The more of your friends, colleagues or partners own Apple devices, the less this limitation should confuse you.

In-app purchases

The app is offered at $0.99, being quite an option for Macs. If you’re good with your iPad or iPhone, you don’t really need to download Facetime for Mac. But it adds another dimension to your communicating abilities. If you prefer not to switch devices while working, or, say, want a Plan B in case your iPhone battery dries out suddenly, Facetime for Mac is a reasonable and affordable investment.

The Bottom Line

So, now Mac users can download Facetime too and feel on par with iPad and iPhone users; it’s funny, but it’s great.


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