Rocket League Drops Online Features for Mac and Linux

Rocket League Drops Online Features for Mac and Linux on Gratishotell Top Blog

While Rocket League has been one of those rare really cross-platform games for desktops, it probably won’t last long. Psyonix, the developer (recently purchased by Epic Games), has announced that the support of the Linux and Mac versions will be dropped in March. The document published on this occasion tells exactly which features will stop working when the servers drop the unsupported clients.

Predictably, online functions will be cut. Those on Linux or Macs won’t be able to play online matches. No matter if you preferred tournaments or private games, buying items in the item shop, or subscribing with Rocket Pass — it’s all over. Players won’t be able to download maps and training packs, access rankings, leaderboards, or friend lists. What remains is all local: split-screen or local network matches, career stats, replays, and all the content you have already downloaded.

It’s not totally fatal for those who purchased Rocket League on Steam. Your purchase remains yours, so you can just redownload your copy for Windows and keep playing it.

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