Rockstar Lets You Play Red Dead Online as a Deer

Rockstar Lets You Play Red Dead Online as a Deer on Gratishotell Top Blog

Red Dead Online has always been a somehow experimental addition to Red Dead Redemption 2. The ideas that seemed too bizarre for the main game feel great in the online version. The new one is just as bizarre, yet it’s in perfect harmony with that attention and love towards nature the developers carry on throughout the series. Yes, now you have a playable deer, as well as other animals.

This update was rolled out the day before yesterday, and it was relatively small. The new item it added was called the Buck vitalism Studies pamphlet. Magic manuscripts are not that common in the RDR universe, but this seems the case now. What you need to do to experience this magic (or psychedelic) effect is the following.

Another key element of the update is new plants, with bright, distinct flowers. So, first, you read the pamphlet, and then go out to search and collect at least five flowers from the update. Then you will suddenly notice deer tracks: not a big deal for the Red Dead universe, but now it’s different. It takes just regular interaction with these tracks, and you will suddenly find yourself a Whitetail buck.

This won’t last long: after five minutes, you will get sober (if the flowers are what we suppose) and return to the human shape. Of course, you need to do your best not to get killed during these five minutes.

The experience of being a buck is not as rich as one might expect: you only can walk, run, or feed on the grass, with no extra tripping. If you like it, you can repeat it by collecting more flowers as they respawn during the same session.

There is a slight hint that the flowers you collect are indeed psychoactive. A similar thing could be done with the notorious peyote plants in GTA V. The trip after taking them also transformed the character into an animal.

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