Suddenly: Sony May Put Its PS4 Games to Nintendo Switch

Suddenly: Sony May Put Its PS4 Games to Nintendo Switch on Gratishotell Top Blog

Have you ever thought of playing PS4 games on Nintendo Switch? The experience would be at least unusual. And now Sony wants to know how many Switch owners are interested in playing PS4 games on it with the Remote Play feature. At least, the latest survey by Sony offers this question directly.

Remote Play is already available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It uses your PS4 as a server running a game, and the remote device uses it in streaming mode. This mode has already proven popular, and Sony expands it to make its consoles even more competent.

The most surprising thing about this survey is the presence of Xbox One on this list. Well, Switch is at least handheld, so it makes obvious sense to use it for Remote Play while traveling or to let someone else watch the TV. But the same scenario with an Xbox is sort of strange. But Sony doesn’t exclude this option either.

Sony and Nintendo have been two separate worlds when it came to gaming, at least for 28 years, since they made their separate consoles instead of a collaboration. Now, with Sony dominating the industry and Nintendo being the underground king, it’s Sony who suddenly wants some sort of reintegration. And if the idea works, it leads to more sense in purchasing both a PS4/5 and a Switch, benefitting from their interaction. Is it so for you? Or would you prefer only one console?

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