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TOP-10 Most Annoying Fighting Game Heroes on Gratishotell Top Blog

There are millions of fighting games with billions of fighting characters. Each of them has a different set of playing abilities. For example, there are heroes who have no equals in strength. At the same time, there are more daring heroes who, on the contrary, win by making unusual decisions and not by force. Some of them have magical abilities and some of them don’t. Playing a favorite hero is one of the fundamental reasons why you enjoy the game. But alongside the favorite characters, you also get the characters that annoy you, especially when your opponent chooses to play them. Let’s look at the most hated fighting game characters.

#1: Hulk From Marvel vs. Capcom

Hulk From Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom is one of the most played fighting games of all time. Based on the comic books, it comes with a variety of characters for every taste. If you have ever played the game, you know that Hulk is, most probably, the strongest man in Marvel Universe. In addition, his unique ability allows a super armor to appear during the attacks. These facts make Hulk almost impossible to fight. It is the reason why he appears on our list. Just remember your feelings when your opponent plays him!

#2: Eddie Gordo From Tekken 3

Eddie Gordo From Tekken 3

At first glance, it might seem that Eddie Gordo is an unrivaled fighter. However, after playing him several times, you understand that all his “magic” is theatrical martial arts kicks. He just waves his arms and legs in different directions. Not surprisingly, out of all this confusion, at least one blow will be effective. Be careful, by choosing Eddie Gordon as your playing character, as all experienced players know very well how to beat him off.

#3: Zangief From Street Fighter

Zangief From Street Fighter

Zangief is a Hulk-like character for the Street Fighter game. He is just as huge and strong. Having a large number of muscles, the hero strikes with incredible accuracy, and it is almost impossible to beat off his grabs. Moreover, Zangief has a wide variety of movements. However, whether you like it or not, power is this character’s only trump card.

#4: Green Lantern From Injustice

Green Lantern From Injustice

In the popular Injustice game series, many heroes of the DC universe are represented. Some of them are simply unsurpassed fighters, and some are gray figures. For example, Green Lantern. Despite the fact that he does not look like a fighter at all, we strongly recommend that you stay away from him as far as possible. Due to his set of unique movements, he can easily throw you back or not allow you to approach the weapon.

#5: Noob Saibot From Mortal Kombat Franchise

Noob Saibot From Mortal Kombat Franchise

In fact, Noob Saibot is one of the most hated characters in all Mortal Kombat games. One look already terrifies the enemy: a gray figure with a mask. Among other things, Noob Saibot has a set of unique movements and can zero out your health bar with one hit. Thanks to such properties, he became one of the most beloved heroes of various hackers who tried to hack the game and pick up keys that could activate all his capabilities to the full at any time.

#6: Voldo from Soul Calibur

Voldo from Soul Calibur

Number 6 on our list is Voldo from the Soul Calibur game. If you have ever played this game, you know that it has a lot of different strange characters. But the most notable among them is, of course, Voldo. We hate his odd and erratic movements with unpredictable patterns of attacks. Controlling him is just as hard as fighting against him. In addition, this character has a pair of Katars that he can swing and jab into you. Our most favorite fact about Voldois that he is 67 years old!

#7: Jinpachi Mishima from Tekken 5

Jinpachi Mishima from Tekken 5

Jinpachi becomes one of the most hated characters from Tekken 5 when your hero needs to fight against him. Although Jinpachi does not have much speed or agility, he can still kill you with just one blow.

Moreover, do you know that Jinpachi was the first boss hero that anybody can’t control? Why? Because with his unique combos and impressive strength, the player who controls him will just have nothing to do! You could as well sit and drink tea while other players wonder how to kill you! Let’s open a secret, it is almost unrealistic.

#8: Alpha 152 from Dead Or Alive 4

Alpha 152 from Dead Or Alive 4

Alpha 152 appeared in the fourth entry of Dead Or Alive at first. She looks like a human, but her body is green and transparent. Developers made Alpha 152 as a clone of Kasumi. She was endowed with unique capabilities, including the ability to teleport through the arena and lightning attacks. In the fifth release of the game, the developers decided to make Alpha 152 as one of the characters that can be played. However, they removed a number of her unique features in order to align her strength with other playable heroes.

#9: Samus Aran from Super Smash Bros.

Samus Aran from Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. is the game series with a long history. Therefore, it has a lot of different characters that appear in a couple of installments and then disappear. At the same time, there are several characters that have existed from the beginning. One such character is Samus Aran. Despite the fact that he has a large number of different movements and sets of attacks, for some reason, all players use only his ability to launch a long-range missile attack. That is why fighting with him turns into a long and boring task.

#10: Wolverine from Marvel vs. Capcom

Wolverine from Marvel vs. Capcom

Another favorite of all lovers of spam movements — Wolverine. Due to his speed, this character can perform several movements in a row amazingly fast, even if it is the same movement. It is very annoying and interferes with your focus. All that remains for you is to run away or hide. Thank God that Wolverine was removed in new releases! But, if, nevertheless, developers decide to return him, we hope that his set of movements will change.

Share Your The Most Hated Hero

This was our list of the most annoying fighting game characters. And now share your most hated fighter from this genre in the comments below. And, of course, explain why you hate them.

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