Keyword Research Mistakes You Should Absolutely Avoid

Keyword selection plays an important role in bringing traffic to your site. Selection of wrong keywords will not pull traffic and it will hinder your online presence. All the probable keywords should be picked in the first instance. Careful analysis should be done on the usage habits of the vast majority of the people.

Periodic reviews will help track the achievements or failures. This approach will help us in selecting the right set of keywords and optimization of these words at every level. We shall find different ways of avoiding keyword research mistakes.

Keyword research tool may help to a certain extent

It is pretty common nowadays that vast majority of website owners, as well as search engine optimization agencies, depend on keyword research tools. These tools are available from Google, Microsoft and other companies. Although these tools can throw some light on the usage of industry-specific words, human approach will play a deciding factor in achieving the end results.

These keywords should be focused on customers’ perception. Sometimes the jargon used by the general public will be completely different from the industry. We may lose valuable hits in this way. So, a comprehensive research should be done based on the general usage also while taking help from keyword research tools.

One word keywords vs. more than one-word keywords

When you search for the usage of single keywords against multiple keywords, you will get more results. You will find more competition towards the usage of the single word and you may be tempted to invest more to get on top of others. Ultimately, you may fail to get the traffic expected in ROI lines.

In order to avoid such kind of scenarios, you should target keywords in such a manner that search can be narrowed down. For example, instead of using “phones”, you can use “Android phones” and you will get useful traffic to market your product.

Short-term results vs. long-term results
With few exceptions like film stars and public utility services, blogs or websites take time to attract visitors. If you want results in a short period of time, you have no alternative than bid more in Google AdWords and other site promotion schemes.

Betting on high competition keywords is risky as the age and authority of website on those keywords matters most than the mere bidding. In other words, you may be held-up with your valuable investment with no yield.

Broad search vs. exact search

Business groups will be carried away with the broad search instead of going for exact search. This will be a misleading factor. SEO companies are forced to adopt these measures on behalf of their clients.

For example, there will be more weight for the keywords “discount coupons” or “coupon deals” under broad search. On the other hand, if the keyword is searched for its exact term like “carbonite coupon code” or “sittercity coupons”, more weight should be given to the exact search than broad search. The website ranking should be considered for exact search to achieve the targeted audience.

Conversion aspect

Your website might be the number one in search engine rankings and lists high with highest number of hits. No doubt, it is a great achievement. The real value will be added to your concern from the conversions that are made out of these website hits.

Keyword optimization should lead to more number of website hits. These hits should lead to more number of sales. Keywords should be selected in such a manner that sales should go up.

Overhauling keywords

Most of the people ignore the fact of overhauling keywords. It means you should analyze the keywords that are in force. It will be encouraging to find keywords which yield results. Such kind of keywords should be continued. There will be a set of keywords which fail to perform. Such kind of keywords can be dropped.

Usage of keywords will be changing with time and these should be analyzed in terms of technological as well as customer point of view. Frequent overcalling of keywords is required and typically this can be done on annual basis. Going for revision before one year will detriment the analysis of previous set of keywords. Depending on some peculiar situation, overhauling can be done earlier too.

Are you able to avoid keyword research mistakes? Do you want to share your experience?