Niche Blog Or A General Category Blog? Confused?

A question that surrounds a new blogger is whether to start a general blog in which one can write on a different and wide variety of topics or to start a niche blog which is related to only one subject? Almost every new blogger faces this problem. 99% of the experts, professional and long-term bloggers suggest that niche blogs are the best. There isn’t any problem with a general blog and its more easy to manage a general blog, but its very difficult to promote it, build readership and make profits from it.

Let’s discuss on the advantages and disadvantages of niche and general category blogs.

Advantages Of A Niche Blog

1. Its keyword targeted and so its easier to optimize it for search engines.

2. Less SEO work, less costs.

3. Targeted Adsense, Adbrite, etc advertisements. This results in more CPC and thus in more profits!

4. Building Readership is easy as all your readers like one topic which is posted in your blog.

5. Can focus on one single topic. No need to be a jack of all trades.

6. Niche blogs have more monetizing power.

Disadvantages Of A Niche Blog

1. You need to be an expert in that niche. Else you will find it difficult to write for your blog.

2. More time-consuming. Needs heavy thinking of topics to write on.

3. Choosing the correct niche is very important else it will be very difficult to profit.

Advantages Of A General Category Blog

1. Writing content is very easy (Matter of minutes).

2. Managing a general category blog is easy as compared to managing a niche blog.

3. Can get traffic from many keywords.

4. Can promote a wide variety of products and can increase affiliate sales.

5. Can write on a wide variety of topics (Any trending topics).

Disadvantages Of A General Blog

1. Hard to make money.

2. Harder to optimize the blog for search engines.

3. Harder to promote the blog. Thus increases promotion costs.

4. Building readership is very difficult as not all people are interested in all the topics.

*Personal Opinion*
I suggest you start a niche blog. As you can see from the advantages a niche blog has, niche blogs are the first and best choice of mine. Always remember to choose the proper niche (A niche in which you’re an expert). A wrong niche can harm your blog as you may not be able to write on the topics and you will end up having a dead blog. Choose a nice wisely!