Rock On & On With These Mobile Apps For Bloggers

Blogging is universally popular with a whole array of different users, and much of the content is now written and subsequently posted using mobile devices. After all, with a smartphone in your pocket and its associated computing power, there’s pretty much no need for a traditional desktop computer anymore, although a tablet device makes a similarly useful tool for blogging on the move.

1. Google Analytics

When it comes to the software and apps that you use though, making the choice of which one to use can be a little bit bewildering, simply because there are so many options open to the mobile blogger. Of course, we’re all looking to keep an eye on stats and find out just who it is that’s reading our posts. So one must-have app for is the Google Analytics package. This informs you of what sort of traffic you’re getting plus a whole host of other facts and figures.

2. HootSuite

Another app on that proves useful for tracking click-throughs on links placed within your blog is HootSuite. This allows you to exploit the social networking power of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, while could also mean that you’ll get the right information to hopefully start making some money from your blog at some point. Using these research and feedback-based tools can really help boost the business potential of your blogging activities.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

We’re all using a lot more imagery in our blog posts than was ever the case previously. However, the need to do this in a web friendly fashion means that you also need an image-editing app that’ll get the job done quickly and ensure that your images are suitably optimised for use on the web. Try an app such as Adobe Photoshop Express to see if that works for you, because it’s really easy to get to grips with and has a whole array of different tools at your disposal.

4. Byline

If you not only write a blog but keep tabs on many others, then being able to know what is going on with all of them can be a tough business. So one of the best ways around this is to make use of an app like Byline, which helps to amalgamate and sort all of the content that you follow into one manageable list. This is a great way to ensure that you stay on top of fellow posters blogs and also how you can get yourself a little more exposure along the way.

5. WordPress

And when it comes to a tool for getting the blogging job done then it’s little wonder that WordPress still proves one of the most popular. Granted, there are countless other tools at your disposal if you want to go mobile blogging.

However, WordPress has oodles of power tools, is easy to setup and use and can also be customised to suit the look and feel of the blog that you are working on. Add all of these component parts together and you’ll soon have a mobile blogging set-up that’s second to none.

6. Dropbox

We all tend to use quite a lot of storage for our blogs these days, especially if you’re indulging visual content. So Dropbox is the ultimate answer for your data needs, with the option to stash away up to 2 gigabytes of files and folders that relate to your blog. It’s great to use as an access anywhere hard drive, which you can get to on your phone while you’re blogging on the go.

7. Writechain

If you’re a very productive blogger but find it hard to stay on top of your posts and occasionally need a flash of inspiration then this app is a fun and funky option. It offers a quirky solution for people who need to post everyday by utilising a writing chain that helps assist you in keeping your content consistent and up to date. It’s easy to use and soon becomes an essential app for getting things done right.

8. Evernote

Similarly, Evernote is a great way to stockpile ideas and inspiration that you see on your mobile travels. This can include content from websites, images and also notes that you make along the way. It’s a handy way of amalgamating content and ideas so that you can revisit them when you come to doing your next post and duly produce a piece that has all of the right facts, plus any visual content too.