Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Be Used

Plugins are extensions to the WordPress platforms that will allow you to perform any action that you imagine to do with your site.

Some of the most useful and less used Plugins that can come in handy while designing your blog using WordPress are as follows:

1. Podcasting:

Podcasting is the that plugin that supports dedicatedly by target transferring of podcast files from iTunes, feeds, media players and such feeds to WordPress. They can do the job for both video and audio files and has the respective players with storage capacity.

2. Addtoany: Share/Bookmark/Email Button:

This is the one button working for many that comes exclusively for WordPress, and once installed appears for all of your individual posts. This button will enable to share, bookmark or email your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Stumble On, Delicious and many more of such sites that may add up to 100.

3. StatPress Reloaded:

This plug-in generates a real-time statistics about the performance of your blog that when installed and activated will be available as a new page on the dashboard, detailing the information of keywords, feeds, browses, OS, visitors, revenue. Overall, this will help you to find out what you should write, and what is more preferred by your readers or helps you in gaining more advertising revenue.

4. Shortlinks:

This automatic URL shortener will help you to share easily on other network shortening sites, and for future reference. They are confident of using this to shorten website URLs, but of course is not tailored for website URLs that runs for a page or more. This is a product from Google for WordPress.

5. My Weather:

This plug-in is a very good choice for the online magazine and news websites, where, you could display the weather in for your city in the sidebar. This supports more than 60, 000 cities, a wide range of widget designs, select temperature in Celsius or as Fahrenheit.

6. YouTube Shortcode:

This is the plug in that many of you would love to use, after getting to know that you can link as many videos as you want in the end, beginning or middle of the post by using the YouTube embed URLs. They also allow you to personalize the videos and audio files from YouTube.

7. Spell Checker:

This is one of the newly incorporated and coveted plug-ins that works hard in reducing the occurrence of spelling mistakes, even on the main administration page and in the comments page. You will be notified while typing with a variant suggestion for the misspelled word as you will experience in MS Word.

8. WordPress Mobile Edition:

This is a plugin that shows an interface which is designed and will optimize your website for mobile phone accessibility be other non-admin users and visitors. You are not required to do anything once installed.

9. Rate IT!:

This plug-in will allow you to rate the posts that you are reading. This is highly a handy trick to get the visitor to rate and show his level of interest if not possible to leave a comment.

10. Post Teaser:

This plug in on installing and activation will result in permitting access to generate excerpts of a few words about your post automatically for the main, archive and category pages, in addition, to generating word counts, image counts, and estimated reading time of the visitors. You will get to know how much you are getting your readers engaged.

So readers, do you already use these plugins or are they new to you? Please share in comments which plugins do you love the most!