Top 4 Hooks For Blog Writing

Blogging is a worldwide phenomenon, but actually getting started can be quite tricky. Now I am not going to tell you how to build a blogging website, I am just going to give you some tips on what and how you can start writing! Working as an SEO I have had to give my fair share of presentations on Blogging, encouraging clients to get started with building a personal online profile. Something that I want to clear up with all of you commercial websites:

A Blog is a Blog, exactly what it was made to be, a way of putting down personal information and opinion, not a way of selling your products. That is what your main website is for; use the blog as a way to create trust and reality between yourself and your readers! If you supply a blog that just offers deals and sales, you alienate your readers, and most likely; won’t receive return visitors. There are of course occasions where you want to brag about new deals you have landed, and that is fine, just give it a personal touch. Secondly, have a list of different authors added to the blog. Have one that is named as your business, where you can post these deals, with an honest opinion attached. Do not use the company name as an author name for all your posts, there is no personal feel, so there is no connectivity. Readers like someone that they can follow, especially if they like their stuff!

Now that’s the commercial stuff out of the way, onto the hooks and ideas:


Use news reports to your advantage, anything that is current is likely to bring traffic to your site. However, make sure that you title it correctly and try to go after news that is prolonged. Anything that lasts for a while will draw in traffic over time. News results usually bring in fast results, but over a short period of time. Even news about your company can be broadcasted, especially if you are well known. Anything on other companies in your industry collapsing, you can always check the search volume using Google Keyword Tool!


This is the highest reward, but highest difficulty way of gaining traffic and links to your Blog. Basically, the reason it is entitled to creativity is that you need to create something unique, something never previously written or created before. Things like surveys or comparisons you have made make quite good posts. One of the most successful is the use of an infographic, but creating them can be very difficult and time-consuming. Generally speaking though, they actually attract a lot of readers and almost always bring in more links!

Knowledge and Information:

This should be your absolute Forte. This is where you have the ability to provide insight and factual information into your own industry. Of course this comes from your personal opinion, so it is almost as though it is a review. You are the expert, so it means that you know what to write about already, as the expert, people will read your work!

Controversial Posts:

You can create posts on controversial topics, things that involve celebrities or any animosity surrounding your industry. Everyone likes gossip, you just need to be careful not to create your own runmours, just make sure you have a citation for everything that you write.

There are more, but these are key ways to kick off your writing abilities!