Top Five Tips For Designing A WordPress Theme

Designing a theme in WordPress is no big deal if you could follow some of these simple tips to make life much easier to design a highly functional and comprehensive theme that will provide you with the ease of accessibility for maintaining consistency, incredible navigation options, space for commenting and removing unnecessary images.

1) They Always Say “Default” Is The Best:

This is true when you are going to start since default themes and predesigned templates are time tested and used by many users. Choose the one that is appealing to you, as you will be having more readers in your frame of mind visiting your website. Nevertheless, when you are using a default theme until you establish a ‘brand’ for you, you need to be cautious of technical glitches the might be encountered on your own designed theme.

2) Keep A Journal For CSS References:

As a designer of a theme for your website, please find that keeping the CSS files and templates of your Word Press Theme creations is highly essential to revert to any technological glitch. Nevertheless, is good to keep them organized and sequential, just in case, if you require starting over again. This will save heaps of time and frustration on your side.

3) Maintain Consistency:

Consistency here is not about the number of posts or the time of posting, but is type and styles used for designing the themes for Word Press. Some of the areas where you can concentrate on being consistent are size of the images, type/style and size of Fonts used. This will make your theme on which the various pages are designed will give a more of asymmetrical and visually appealing to your readers. Otherwise, the readers will have difficulty in reading.

4) Enable Comments:

Allowing others to comment on your website will be more appealing and is the key to invite more number of readers, as this will let you know what your readers want to read. This is a very good ethical practice that an amateur Word Press theme designer will have.

5) Make Your Blog User-Friendly:

Good navigation is the best way to make your blog much more user-friendly that the readers will be able to do everything in ease rather than searching the nook and corners of your blog. One such instance to be cited is the use of Twitter buttons or Like Page link to your Facebook account appearing in the top or in the bottom of each of the post is more welcoming than having one for the entire page, as this might turn out to be redundant with time.

Listed here are some of the best practices that you would like to contemplate more and abide by while designing your Word Press theme.