Use Brainstorming To Create Great Posts

Lacking creativity is one common problem where bloggers fail. To maintain a good blog you have to keep your posts on the level. They have to be refreshing, unique, original, interesting and useful even after a few years, which is the key of getting to the top and staying there.

When you start a blog you’re full of ideas, but as the time goes on you’re starting to lose focus and your posts are looking more like your old ones. You can’t bring anything new because you’re stuck in a certain circle of topics from which you can’t get out, or at least not effectively.

If it seems to you that there are not enough topics anymore and that you’ve been through them all, you’re wrong. The number of possible topics in any niche is countless. It’s just up to you whether you’re gonna find them, or not.

If you’re just thinking about giving up from your blog, hold on for a few more seconds. There are many ways to bring back creativity into your blogging. The only things you need are the will to start it and the patience to succeed.

The brainstorming is a widely known technique for a creativity boost. But it’s rarely used to create posts for your blog. Most of the times you just sit in front of your computer and say to yourself: “let’s write something today.” Then you start typing and what comes out, comes out.

By implementing the process of brainstorming into the post creation you will get not just quality post ideas, but the whole lot of them. You don’t have to do it every time you need a topic. One brainstorming can provide you with several great ideas. And here’s how to do it.


Get a pen and a paper or you can do it on a computer. First, put your blog name into the middle. From that point, we will start connecting the circles. I used my blog in examples so you can get the picture of how it should look approximately. And remember: don’t hesitate to write something that comes to your mind but you think is irrelevant. Everything can be used.

Now from there let’s create a few more circles: posts, topics, famous blogs, popular posts, most commented and unrelated. You don’t have to strictly follow my pattern, it’s just an example.

Explanation of each circle:

Posts – Here you’ll write some properties of your posts. Whether they’re usually short, long, medium, with bullet list or without, for your blog or for someone else’s, etc.

Topics – Here will be the topics that your page is covering. Write down everything your blog could cover, even if it’s not directly related to your area.

Famous Blogs – Find some popular blogs in your niche and put them here. From that point, we will connect them with the most popular posts they had.

Popular Posts – These are your posts that have been shared most of the times. They are a complete formula for what your readers liked the best.

Most Commented – Your most commented posts should give you an insight of what triggered most of the attention and discussion about a certain thing.

Unrelated – Release your imagination. Write everything that comes to your mind and it’s not related to your niche.

Now it’s the connecting time! Write everything that comes to your mind. The next picture is just an example but you can expand it to a lot more options and associations. Write until it reaches the end of a paper. Get as many ideas as possible and you’ll think about which of them to use later.

Colored Chart For Idea Generation

Once you have all this in front of you it’s a lot easier to get inspiration for your next post. I also got a few ideas for my next post while doing this. I haven’t done this to get this article written though. This is just an example and helps for you to retain your creativity.

Now go through this whole mess, circle the ideas you like, cross ones you don’t, write a list of additional words that come to your mind separately, etc. Put all this together and create several possible blog titles. You’ll see that once you start the ideas will just keep coming.

After you’re done with this you will have a list of possible post topics for the whole week, maybe even for the whole month. Try it and you will definitely be surprised by the results.