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I had long back stopped using website builders as many available then were boring and I had found better content management systems like WordPress. But lately, I’ve found a handful of good website builders which have helped me create attractive websites for my clients. While most of the WordPress themes are entirely based on HTML, PHP, CSS and some flash-like widgets, these website builders actually allow me to create flash websites too. Some good website builders I’ve come across are WIX, Volusion, and Squarespace.

Though I have tried all the three website builders I just mentioned above, I haven’t really been able to review them. But this is something, guys at have already done and I’d like you to read their reviews of various website builders because my views match with theirs and also because they have reviewed each service honestly just like I’d have done it.


  • Honest reviews
  • Good categorization
  • Answers to some of the most asked questions
  • Valuable coupons
  • Services sorted properly
  • User submissions allowed
  • Lists the best website templates
  • & much more…

Honesty is the best policy, one wise man said, and guys at this site follow this principle.
All the reviews at have been written based on how each of those website builders performed during their test runs and not on how much commission each one of those website builders pays them! In short, the reviews are honest. Also, the fact that they accept user review submissions or opinions as you may call them, assures me about the authenticity of their reviews.

Good categorization

The reviews are categorized properly so that you could find the best website builders easily. The website builder reviews have been sorted according to their price, their features, online or offline website builders, etc.

Answers to some common questions

Before trying out a service, we do have some questions in mind and we always clear them before buying it. It does consume some time. You first have to write the question, send it to the respective company and then wait for an answer. But you no longer have to follow the same procedure. Ready any review at and you’d find most of your questions already answered!

They list coupons too

Hardly anyone hates to save money. What if you got some discount on your website builder purchase? also lists some of the best coupon codes. They update their list of coupons regularly and list only the best coupons, the ones which work and the ones which help you save the most.

They accept user submissions

Unlike other review sites, accepts user submissions. You, me or actually anyone who has used a website builder can submit a review. All reviews are read patiently and the most useful ones are published.

They list website templates too

This site not only reviews the best website builders but also lists some of the best website templates sorted properly according to the niche they belong. You can find more than a hundred free and premium website builders and website templates, not to forget all of them are worth a mention.