Why People Don’t Read Your Blog?

If you want to get readers it’s very necessary to understand them. There are many people who read other blogs belonging to your niche, but not yours. Why? Why Don’t People Read Your Blog? So if people don’t read your blog or just show a one-time appearance, its probably because…. (Keep On Reading)

1) Your Articles Are Not Good Or Probably Boring!

People like articles which answer their question in as less time as possible. People like reading interesting articles. What are interesting articles? Interesting articles are the one which gives lots of information in as less words as possible. Interesting articles are the one which contains images where needed and also contain some interesting facts. So always write interesting articles.

2) You Hardly Update Your Blog!

The first article on October 1, next on 20th October and the next one is yet to come! Who will like reading your blog if you update after such long gaps? I don’t think anyone will like to read your blog if you don’t post regularly. So keep your blog updated. Strictly follow a timetable and post regularly.

3) Your Blog Is Cluttered

Keep your website clean. No one likes a website which is full of advertisements, banners. Keep your website design simple, easy to read, easy to navigate and choose blog colors properly. Avoid using loud colors.

4) You Never Respond

One reason why people won’t read your blog is because you never respond to them. People spend their time commenting on your articles or e-mailing you hoping that you will respond to them, but they don’t get a reply from you. That’s why people leave your blog and go to someone who responds every time and quickly. So always respond to reader queries.

5) You Just Want To Earn

One of the reasons why people don’t read your blog is because money is the only thing you want. You only promote products in order to get affiliate sales or just write paid reviews or you have banner ads everywhere. Readers don’t like this! Promoting a product once a week or month, having banner ads in some places and ding occasional paid reviews are what readers like. So control yourself and make sure money is not the only goal of your blog.

Write for readers and not for money is what I will suggest. Hope the article was interesting and I retain my readers and get some more!