WooServers Review: Woo Your Current Web Host With WooServers!

If you are looking for a dedicated web hosting solution either for individual need or for a Small and Medium Business (SMB), look no further. WooServer is getting quite a few promising reviews as the provider of one the most reliable and yet affordable high performance virtual and dedicated web hosting server solutions in the market today.

Fast and Reliable Networks

With WooServers’ dedicated web hosting services, customers can experience a high network availability all 365 days a year. Customers can trust their server and go about their business worry-free. WooServers guarantees that even if a major network component fails, the server will remain available.

Perfect Hosting Plans

Whatever be your hosting need, WooServer has the perfect hosting plan for you. The WooServer Web Hosting Plan for $6.99 allows you a whopping number of features that you can enjoy. You get disk space of up to 10 000 MB, file transfer limits of 100 GB, unlimited number of domains and subdomains that you can host, and the facility to configure multiple email accounts of any type, to state a few. You can also enjoy a 10% discount for VPS and deploy your own unique dedicated IP adSALdress for free! You can even buy cheap Linux dedicated servers or VPS plans. Many plans suiting your budget and needs are available.

High Level Of Data Security

WooServer technology also keeps your email protected against spam using a superior spam eradicator called Spam Assassin. When you sign up with WooServers web hosting, all your web and email transactions are passed through a high-trust Comodo SSL that ensures complete data security.

Unbelievable Sale Offers

As if all of their considerably superior offerings weren’t enough, WooServers brings unbelievable sale offers to its customers. By combining the best quality services with the best possible price, WooServers offers unbeatable package deals to its customers. This and other sales endeavors keep WooServers ahead of the loop when it comes to the competition.

Cheap But Excellent Hardware

If you’re looking for a cheap hub for your VPS or dedicated server, then WooServer is the provider for you. You’ll find your perfect piece of hardware at the WooServers Dedicated Servers Sale, at prices so cheap you won’t be able to believe your eyes. Where else can you buy a 20 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM VPS for just $9.99? Only at WooServers!

Terrific Post-sales Support

WooServers’ prices are great, and that’s a given. However, did you know that their post-sales support is great as well? Post-sales support executives are available online to answer your queries 24/7 on Skype, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and MSN. WooServer’s support people are trained to deliver the help you want in the best way possible. This training is apparent in the polite and patient attitude they demonstrate as they walk you through all your issues.

Great Customer Service

What sets WooServers apart from other web hosting service providers? It’s the constant monitoring of dedicated server solutions and truly great customer service that WooServers provides. The customer service team is friendly and is always ready to help notwithstanding holidays or weekends. These people are core professionals who know that servers don’t understand holidays and one has to keep an eye on them all the time.